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September 30, 2002

First Post!

Here I am opening up my Blog. I have no idea what will be in it. Mostly what inspired me to open this blog was my effort to find interesting and current java news. Many of the java news collector sites seemed to be slowing down. One day while reading JavaLobby a message board post addressed this very subject, and mentioned that most of the excitement has moved to indivduals logs.

I found a site that includes a wole bunch of web logs, including people who work on well know Open Source Java Projects, founders of famous java companies, and such. So I thought I should join the crowd. Not that I am well known or a founder of something famous. But I am far from a brain dead AOLer.

October 0, 2002

On Nerfs and Throwing Things

Sometimes I feel like our office is still stuck in the dot-com days, even though none of us really worked for a dot-com (the late ChannelPoint was a VC black hole when I got there). The reason I say that is the large number of flying objects that frequent the cube farm.

I guess I am partly to blame since I was the first to bring my nerf BallZooka in. But it grew from there with people buying 30 round gatling nerf launchers and 3 round mini-missle launchers. The problem is that the sound of the cool whistling darts were drowned out by the pneumatic pump in the gun. So some of us resorted to simply throwing the darts by hand.

I am convinced that some of the people who are no longer with the company started hiding and throwing away the darts because slowly but surely the darts started disappearing. Well the other day a couple of the guys found an ammo re-fill form from nerf. One ordered about 30 of the darts but the other ordered some of the mini missles (the ones that go wwwwww.... THUD). How many? Fiftey. Not five, not three, but fifty, at a buck a pop! Enough to fully load 16 of the missile launchers. Does he own a missile launcher? No.

But here's the funny part. The next day he gets a call from the Nerf purchasing office asking what he wants with 50 of the mini missiles (it's not like they are munitions). They were wondering if it was for personal use or for sales. "Office antics" was his answer. So it turns out for that large an order that the order had to have the approval of another department. I can just see the e-mail now: "I need approval for a large munitions purchase."

October 2, 2002

DRM: Digital Restrictions Management

After reading a story from the San Jose Mercury News linked by Slashdot I got a new favorite phrase for DRM, Digital Restrictions Management. Then it struck me how the word "rights" is as confusing as "free," and in fact how the confusion is almost the same.

In "free" software we are stuck with the english problem that the free part exists on two really differnet areas. Free Beer and Free Speach. Rights is almost the same. Consider my Rights to view a DVD I purchased, and the Rights that exist to distribute that media. The right I have to view it is free as in speech. But the rights the MPAA, RIAA, and the other alphabet soup groups are exerting are free as in beer, except it's not free and they really want their money.

It is liberty v.s. money all over again.

October 8, 2002

Foosball (and those who dislike it)

Another guilty pleasure I have at work.
Q:What do you do when you are waiting for a 5 minute build to complete?
A:Play a 20 minute game of foosball.

Foosball has quite a legacy at my work. To Celebrate the competing of a milestone early in our 1.0 cycle our CTO got us a Foosball Table (A Tornado) for us to play, when we first started playing almost all of us stunk, quite bad. But after year(s) of practice we are much better.

When we first got the foosball table a new VP of Engineering had just started working for us. He was from Massachutces so he wasn't quite the dot-com type fun loving executive you would expect. (The grey hair kind of gave it away). He hated the amount of time we spent playing foosball so much to the point that after 1.0 shipped and we were starting on 2.0 that one day he pulled in every regular foosballer he could into his office to have a "talk." (I was working at home that day, probably dealing with the clowns form Adelphia). This "talk" was a bit of beating around the bush asking us not to play foosball durring work hours. Play on the foosball table that one of the founders bought for us to play at work. And the irony was that four of the people he got in had, just a few weeks earlier, won the Chariman's Award for the work they had done for 1.0, while playing foosball durring comapny hours. Needless to say that was not a way to inspire morale amoung the masses. Productivuty dropped for a bit too. That was yet another reason we all put on our "reasons we hate (too strong) reasons we dislike (too surgar coated) reasons we wish our VP would move back east" list.

There is some silver lining to this though. When the layoffs came Mr. VP was the first to recieve a Pink Slip. Technically he complied with a request by the board to submit his resignation (they let him keep his dignity). So when we had a problem with one of the adjoining confrence rooms being busy with sales meetings (the table was loud enought to cause problems in that room) some of us decided to move the table. Of all of the places we could choose we moved it into the old VPs office.

The good part is that now we are more productive. With the table so much closer we don't waste as much time going there.

October 9, 2002

And the Records Indicate...

Woo Hoo, I got my first quote today [rebelutionary].

Boy am I glad I didn't post names of current/former co-workers.

October 11, 2002

The Future is Now

I've only really had my head stuck in the blogsphere for only two weeks and already I am convinced that it is truly the future of content on the internet. At least as far as Geek stuff goes. Or maybe I am just noticing that Slashdot is no longer the leading edge of geek news that it once was.

Consider these two stories that I first found on my RSS feeds I aggregate, the first was The Parable of the Languages. I had read it two days earlier. Then there was Tuning Java Swing Apps for Mac OSX, again something I had read days earlier. It is kind of ironic though, since slashdot could be considered one of the most well known web logs out there. Cmdr Taco once said himself when people were bitching and moaning about the quality of teh content when OSDN bought them that they really started out and would continue to be posting news that entertainer Hemos and himself.

I guess that means that the poineers never truly lead forever, witness PARC and Cray as more evidence. The bleeding edge has scabbed over slashdot and has now surpassed them into the realm of the independent web logger. But slashdot is still worthwhile for a good laugh now and then

The future was now.

October 12, 2002

Assholes and Free as in Beer Software Development

Apparently Mr Stevens is now so famous he has his own "Excuse for being an asshole" page. Amusing! [rebelutionary]

Well, I need to put my two cents in as a former Jakarta committer. Jon's demeanor on the mail lists is at times as a total asshole, but I would have to say as an equal opportunity asshole (give him an opportunity and he'll be an asshole). The fan club page makes a persuasive argument that Jon will be Jon and what you should do rather than complain about Jon is to contribute to the project (and state that he's probably a nice guy in person).

But therein lies the problem, there is somehow the implication that if there is a problem with Jon, it's your problem. And you should just get over it and contribute to Jakarta. And it implies that this is only a small barrier to entry in the Jakarta project (which is your duty to join anyway). But it is not just an outside facing problem.

As you noticed I identified myself as a former committer, even thought if you look on the Who we are site I am listed as a committer, and even though I haven't done squat for nearly 2 years. Apparently the membership clause which reads "A Committer that has been inactive for 6 months or more may lose their status as a Committer" interprets the word MAY in accordance with RFC standards which means "basically never." That and my e-mail is about a year out of date too. But I digress. Why am I a former committer? To say it is because of Jon's behavior would be unfair and inaccurate. Blame it on the real job, the serious girlfriend, and the ensuing marriage. I just didn't have enough time to contribute to Jakarta for free (as in beer), I would much rather spend my free (as in liberty) time enjoying it. Those things alone would keep me out, but throw in Jon and people like him (he's not the only one, just the most famous) and it goes from a "probably not" to a "hell no". Andrew Oliver also reflects some of my feelings on the politics that keep me away (the 6 Sep entry to be specific).

I'm not bagging on Jon just to bag on Jon however. Where I want to go with this is an inherent problem with free (as in beer) software development. It's amazing how much thicker your shell gets when it is padded with a few pay stubs. Is Jon the biggest asshole I've ever seen? Not by a long shot. I've even worked with bigger assholes than Jon, willingly and happily. All the resentment that comes with working with an asshole goes away when the rent check clears. I probably would get along just fine with Jon if I worked with him in a paying job. Sure, we would have our moments, just like everyone at my work tends to have with each other at one time or another. Would I deal with the crap that goes with being an active participant on an Open Source project for free? Not unless my life dramatically changes. Would I do it for money? I already do on a daily basis (for a proprietary project that is).

But for the fan club page to trivialize the problem as not a poblem is IMHO the wrong solution and sullies the good name of the... umm... oh nevermind.

October 15, 2002

What was I doing in 1993?

What were you doing in 1993? [Russell Beattie Notebook]

Not too interesting: My life as a greek introduced me to the first girlfriend that wanted to marry me. The thought was so diturbing at the time that I ran off and joined a bike gang in rural Tennessee. In 1998 I met the second girl that wanted to marry me, and now I am married to the third one (but for a change I had to ask to find out).

October 23, 2002

So that's what's in a name

My little bit about names sure made a quick round. I learned two cool things, the first being how you can use google to get people's real names from their e-mails. But I tried it and root@localhost gives me so many confusing results I wonder if it's a bogus e-mail address, so I guess ThongGirl73 lied to me in the chat room the other day :(

The other thing that Russell Beattie mentioned about a "personal brand." For kicks I occasionally do web searches on myself to see who is referenceing me. I learn all sorts of things like a presentation I presented nearly 7 years ago on Class Loaders is still alive on someone else's web site, and that one of the first Java classes I worte was also used on a JIT benchmark. That and I also learned that apparently I whine alot ;). But I diregess. The top search on shemnon was a really old open source project I did just before Jakarta was announced, JCCSP, which I did mostly because I was playing with grammers at the time and thought they were cool. But my current weblog? Fifth. And searching for my name? Weblog no where. My "personal brand" is not associated with my current writings.

So what is the value of a personal brand? Let me run a few names by you: James Duncan Davidson, Jon Stevens, Russell Beattie. Because of the strong associations with those names you know who they are. And if they ever need to look for jobs then recognition like that can help immensley, even in Jon's case. Especially in Jon's case because people know what they would be getting into up front and there is a lot of value in prior knowledge, it's mutually benificial for both parties.

Such a personal brand could be useful. And if someone find's your weblog you don't want it to incriminate you. My weblog title is bad enough, I'm just glad I didn't name it "... By My Show Stopping Bugs" or "... By My Arithmetic Errors That Lead To Kernel Panics" or even "... By My Total Aversion to Production Worthy Code." The reason I didn't use those is probobly because they don't describe me even if they would be rather funny. You know I probobly should consider changeing the name of my web log.....

What's in a name?

Ahh... Apparently my high quality page design has caused some confusion about what my name is. It is now out there, on the right underneath contact info. My name was easy to find when I was using the default grey theme, but I changed that and missed putting some info in, and I just barely did it yesterday, how timely. I also just finally got around to making some non-default bookmarks anyway. I thought about putting my picture on the right as well, but Anthony has file uploads turned off on his roller installation, can't say I blame him. Besides, that's not really an accurate picture anyway, the photographer thought the goggles might be cooler than glasses.

So what is my name? Apparently I confused Rickard and all the info he had available was "The Speling Error guy" (good guess, I am a guy, although references to a wife aren't always a dead give away). Where did I get the name for my blog "And They Shall Know Me By My Speling Errors" anyway? Well I was listening to the Music Choice Alternative they had a blurb come up about a band named "And They Shall Know Us By the Trail of Dead" commonly know as "...Trail of Dead." I've probably heard one of their sons at sometime but I couldn't place it. Anyway the place they got their name was from some ancient Mayan writings. I thought the name concept was incredibly cool (except for the killing part) and decided to make it my own. Since they got their name from some Mayan writings I wasn't stealing from them but really from the Mayans, and since copyrights are only good for 50 75 100 years and they Mayans are long gone they cannot sue me. And rather than killing people I have a bad habit of mis-speling words. (Full disclosure: that last one was intentional) (Full disclosure: I have ieSpell installed on my machine and you can see the good it does). Boy, I really like that "Full disclosure" bit. I picked it up from RatcliffeBlog when he was ripping on webloggers who went to Mobeous 2002 and didn't disclose it on their sites. (Full disclosure: I didn't go but would not have turned it down, assuming it was paid for). And to think that Ratcliffe thinks he knows more about the PDA market than I do! (Full disclosure: I am sure he does)

Another person referred to me simply as shemnon (I'll link it later when I find it. It was about a week ago and have long since reclaimed that weak reference). Where did I get shemnon from? Well, there is that legendary racer Shemnon Patterson who races at Wenatchee Valley's Super Oval, but it's not him. There is another obscure reference that google would help you find.

Which brings us to my real name..... which is not Danno. It's Daniel. How do you go from Daniel to Danno? Well, first your mom shortens it to Dan, then when you are two you are pretty dang certain that you mom keeps calling you Danno when in fact she is saying Dan, no! Cute story eh? Ultimately wrong, like the origins of another name we have all heard: cute, but ultimately wrong. The real story about how I started going by Danno has to do with my high school debate coach and the state tournament my junior year. It's not as exciting a story as the others I've told, and since I've already spent too much time writing this I should probably go now. I hope you have as much fun reading this as I have had writing it!

October 24, 2002

Roller Upgrade: Thanks Anthony!

Anthony upgraded the version of Roller today to version 0.9.6 today, and I have a big "thank you" to send to him. There is now a posting HTML editor, so I can see when my itallics, bold , and strike tags end without posting (althouthg I had to go into source mode to get strike). There are also referrer logs (visible on the right if you are actually on my page) and the annoying problem with &, ', and &quote; are gone in my news aggrigator Aggie (I know, I am contributing to the problem by using dot net).

Happy day!

November 5, 2002

And They Shall Know Me By My Referrer Logs

Referral logs are cool, you can figure out where people are finding your site from. You can also tell what web searches lead tme to you. Some of them are quite funny, this will be an ongling list of the funnier ones...

As absurd as some of these are, these hits are 100% legitamate!

November 7, 2002

When L10n Attacks!

The slowdown must be getting real bad, because someone at Google has too much free time. You can customize your preferences to show everything in Klingon, Pig Latin, h4x0r, Elmer Fudd, The Swedish Chef, and Esperanto.

Wait... I think that last one was legit...

November 11, 2002

Turning Points

All of us can point to at least one point in theier lives that they can call a turning point. One of those happened to me in late October of 1999 that prompted me to drop out of college. What could possibly cause that? A Movie, not just any movie. It is a movie that every one at my work can quote and re-create at the drop of a hat. That movie?

Office Space

I'm not kidding, as horrible as it made working life look it was utterly hillarious. Why is it so funny? Because it's so true. Almost all of the things they joke about could happen at a real company. And why is it such a turning point? It made me realize how much more I liked working than doing mini fire drill homework assignments that just get round filed when your done. And also, becuase if I had waited to graduate I am fairly certian that I would be Steve, the unemployed software engineer selling magazines. Timing was everything in catching enough of that wave to bring you to shore.

p.s. Anyone got some money they want to launder?

November 13, 2002

Nation of Verification

We recently got some new checks with an error in the street address. Not a problem, just call them up and ask for a correction right? So my wife calls (at 9pm, they got 24 hour service) and corrects them. Well, they ask her for both her SSN and her driver's license number. Both her and my instincts rise, why do they need both? Not even our bank needed the driver's license number, and what if it is some miminum wage call center person writing that info on a sticky note beside them prepping to commit identity theft? So she "can't find" her license and hangs up saying she'll call tomorrow. It bothers me so much that I can't even wait 5 minutes before calling up and asking for a supervisor/manager.

It turns out that it was standard procedure, but the kicker is they can process it without it. I find this out after some vocal objection. It turns out they can verify the information with the bank, it will just be 2 days slower. WTF!?! Why don't they tell that up front? Why do the need information that not even my bank has. Seriously, if the call script went "If you give us your Social Security Number and driver's license number we can process this request faster. Would you like to give that info?" I wouldn't be writing this.

Way to make your customers paranoid Clarke America!

Update : after talking with my bank it turns out they still call the bank to verify whether the get the info or not. WTF!?! And they even tried to charge me for the re-print too... Grrr....

November 19, 2002

Rude Marketing Folk

The economy cannot be that bad, and the layoffs at Sun cannot be that bad off if they still can afford to have marketing people like this working for them...

Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2002 17:29:43 +0100
From: "Robert Demmer" <>
To: "Danno Ferrin" <>
Subject: Re: Your Web Log

Sorry Danno, that was sarcasm. I was just trying to get random user feedback for 3.4. As for my research efforts, I found your page didn't I? Once again, sorry for any inconvience and the taking of your time.

-Rob Demmer

Danno Ferrin wrote:

I feel the best thing that can be done is that the marketing team can do their homework a bit better...

(a) My name is Danno, not Dannon (I am not a yogurt)
(b) The only problems I described in that web log entry were with my Replay TV, not NetBeans. In fact I discussed the GUI designer in that entry and nothing about startup.


--- Robert Demmer wrote:

Hello Dannon,  I just came across your site at where you mentioned NetBeans 3.4.  I work for NetBeans marketing and I was wondering how you like it?  As I understand you have a bit of a problem (mildly said) with the startup.  Can you tell me a bit about how you use it, plus some positive and negitive aspects of 3.4?  Your help would be appreciated.


-Rob Demmer
NetBeans/Sun Microsystems
The "apology" he offered came across like "don't let the door hit you in the butt when you stop using netbeans."

December 4, 2002

FUD giveth, and FUD taketh away

Found an intersting article on Integration Developer News that is basically an op-end piece for IBM, but the FUD is implicating Sun and IBM...

  • Signature Test Suite - the second question points out a nasty trap Sun has set, in additon to Compatibility Testing (a good thing) there is a second set of tests called the "Signature tests" that test for things that are not specified and hence not allowed to be present. IBM's example is Workflow. I agree with the article in that it is Sun blocking innovation (but not the JCP doing the blocking, JCP is just being used asa a tool).
  • IBM Donated Apache Axis? - I think not, but they claim to...
    As an example, there is JSR 109, which specifies an embedded SOAP parser for the Java programming model -- something Java programmers have been increasingly asking for absent native SOAP support in Java. That is the one we submitted to both the Java Community Process and the Apache Axis group as the Axis Parser. [ Integration Developer News ]
    Granted, IBM did donate SPAO4J, which became Apache SOAP v. 1 and v. 2. However AXIS is a "from-scratch rewrite" (Axis is also refered to as Apache SOAP v. 3). IBM represents 5/16 active and 4/16 inactive contributors based on e-mail address, so they not be said say IBM developerd it "in the open" for apache either. It just strikes me as wrong for IBM to claim something that was an Apache project as their own (even if they employ a little over a quarter of the contributors). Maybe I am mis-reading it, but it doesn't feel like I am.

January 17, 2003

People Do Learn

I got a letter from Rob Demmer the other day, this time offering a proper applogy for our e-mail flame out. I don't feel the same need to post that e-mail to my blog as I did last time, since I will categorically say it was suffucent, apology accepted. And to imply I was blameless would be wrong, after all Rob didn't make me post it to my blog.

But it actually would up being for the better, without that experience I doubt that I would have given Eclipse as much consideration as I did, and now I feel more confident in my choice of IDEs. The only advantage that Eclipse has left is "Dating the New Girl" (more on the bug attitude later). The biggest (and for my work most significant) disadvantage Eclipse has is the total lack of a Swing or SWT GUI designer, coding stuff like that just simply takes too much time. I'm not even going to look again until Eclipse has something that can compete with NetBeans offering.

February 8, 2003

What's up with!?

Ok, I ttried to look up a referencde to ESR's "The Cathedral and the Bazar" for an post I'm writing and the cannonical entry is stored at, but when you try to get any entry you get thrown to seemingly random sites! All the sites seem to have a decidedly Open Soruce spin though:,,,, Did I miss the posting on slashdot or something?

February 14, 2003

Encryption Amendment

While I was driving back from dinner with my wife something struck me... if the export of encryption is considered munitions (i.e. guns and bullets) why isn't it protected likewise? I was watching a random news channel with some pundit who said that he had info on the sequel to the patriot act, and one of the provisions was that the the use of encryption would become illegal. So owning an AK-47 is a constitutional right but https for your online purchases isn't?

Amendment XVIII
Section 1. The Congress and the several States shall make no law infringing on the right of a citizen to use encryption.
Section 2. Effective one year after the ratification of this amendment the portion of any law infringing on the right of a citizen to use encryption shall be held unenforceable.

I can see the arguements coming now against it. But for all of the scenarios about how horrible it is, replace the word encryption with gun. Realize that almost all of those argumets applie to guns to. Guns are used in crimes, wars, terrorism, etc, and yet are still very valuable when used properly, and the pros outweigh the cons. The same goes with encryption. Wouldn't there be an armed uprising id the second amendment were repealed? Shouldn't there be the same constitutional protections seeing as the rights for privacy and encryption are slowly being chipped away?

Apologies to the non US readers out there. It is true that this is a US centric solution to a problem as viewed from a US centric position. And I know precicely who that pundit was, I just don't want to give him free advertising.

February 15, 2003

Aggie 1.0 RC5 (or is that alpha 5?)

Bitworking released Aggie 1.0 RC5 friday....


  • SMTP support is reportedly turned on
  • site-scraping for regularly formatted web sites
  • The pixel theme can add a [ Blog This] link from each entry, facilitating hit and run blogging!


  • It's Broken out fo the box! We're not talking strange stuff, but basica functionality!
  • You cannot add new feeds, it complains about a file missing, which is the local cache for the rss feed. Of course it doesn't exist yet I'm adding it!
  • The Pixel theme is horriblyt slow, and this is due to sloppy coding. They have a reference to http://ntbhi22/ in the stylesheet where they meant Aggie screaches to a halt doing a NetBios lookup.
  • Expand collapse is broken in IE for the pixel theme. It used to work before whjen it was broken in Mozilla...

I hate to bite the hand that feeds by saying this, but Aggie RC 5 is pre-alpha crap (I used the msi installer for reference). Aggie RC4 was truly an RC level release. So I snipped the one interesting feature from the pixel stylesheet (the blog this link which I am using right now), put it in my old pixel theme in RC 4, and uninstalled RC5 (codename CS101 first program submission). I sure hope they do some damage control quick like.

Update 17 Feb: One of the authors of Aggie responded inmy comments, and acknowledget hat the pixel skin is in need of work, and it will be address. As for the add problem I haven't been able to systematically reproduce it, but it involved deleting feeds, then their cache file, then re-adding the file, so it's not a normal case. But I found that after my pixel aggrivations so my tolerance for strange behavior had dropped to sero at that point

Don't get me wrong though: I like aggie, I've used aggie for months now, and will continue to use aggie, just not the RC5 version. Wait for RC6 or an update to RC5 before installing a newer verison of aggie.

June 18, 2003

FontBitch Irony

I find it kind of ironic that in the post where The FuzzyBlog complains about font bitches the post is, inadvertently, an example of font bitching. From Mozilla screenshots at 200% and 75% respectivly:



July 15, 2003

Moving Tip: Hire Professionals

James Duncan Davidson is moving very soon and has come to the same conclusion that my wife and I did when we moved int our house a couple of years ago: Hire Professional Movers. It's not just a cost effective money thing. You'll be tired enough from packing and unpacking your stuff and by the time you pay the movers you will find it is money well spent. Especially because when you get friends or family to help, you owe them and get to help them move as well.

November 13, 2003

Browser Enabled LOAF

After reading about how We need LOAF! it struk me that all of these implementaions are server side, and we need at least some sort of a client side acces to LOAF. So I proudly present Browser Enabled LOAF. It should be fully ECMA262 compliant so it should run on all of the latest versions of IE, Mozilla, Netscape, Opera, and OmniBrowser (for you Mac/NeXT folk out there).

P.S. Does anyone know of a good patent attorney? I believe that my melding of LOAF with a Web Browser is Patentable. I just hope there's no prior art. Don't Worry though, I'm just patenting it so Microsoft doesn't patent it first. The only companies I'll extort money from are those who abuse LOAF or don't adhere to established LOAF standards.

November 14, 2003

Question About Employee IP Agreements

So if I sign away all the IP I create on company time or equiptment just how far does that extend? If I order a doll for my niece from Amazon does the company then own the intelectual rights to the reciept that Amazon generates? And if so, when at some point I am no longer with said company and I need to access that recipt to return said doll, do I violate the terms of the agreement to not use the companies IP after I separate from said company? Hmm...

June 9, 2004

MovableType Surprises

Brian Duff has learned the hard way that public blogs don't exist in a vacuum. Fortunately I rarely discuss products I work on or co-workers (not current ones anyway), and I only write bile after sitting on the entry for a day. If I'm lucky I won't have to do a Blog mea culpa, but that's the chance I take.

But the problem is that the old permalink still goes to an actual page. Removing the info from a Movable Type database won't wack the old HTML files that are generated. And people who read via aggregates may still have their old feed entries. I also use MT and was surprised at this behavior. Perhaps a best practice would be instead of deleting an entry in it's entirety one should replace the text with either an reference to a future entry explaining things or some statement like "this isn't the blog entry you are looking for" and an image of someone waving their hand.

However, the last few lines are worth preserving IMHO...

Customers actually vocally complaining about the problems on forums makes a difference that all of our internal yelling seems to never achieve. So *thank you* Jdev forum customers. By yelling about this, you're helping to make it clear that this actually is a problem at last. [duff blog link may be dead]

The reason that I think it's interesting is typical usual corporate positions are that complaining in forums gets you nothing and you should use normal $upport channel$, for $ome $trange rea$on.

July 20, 2004

Broken Fingers and Resumes

Yea, I haven't been blogging for a couple of weeks. I broke two of my fingers folding a gorilla ladder, seriously! Maybe I'll tell the story later but sufficient to say after working all day with one and a half hands the last thing I want to do is to type some more. I really should have taken my doctor up on that note, it would have been more useful than 120 tablets of Vicoden (which comment spammers will be more than happy to hook me up with).

That bit aside, I've noticed that Swing is starting to be a growing skill in job postings, I even had one recruiter try to get a hold of my via a comment on my blog! Well, I expect my company will adding to the demand soon as well. Since I will be on paternity leave in early October I would hope it's sooner rather than later. This will be to add staff rather than to replace someone who is leaving (FMLA not withstanding). So if you live in or are willing to commute/relocate to Colorado Springs CO and have experience in Swing and/or WebStart let me know at danno dot ferrin @ intelliden dot com, and please preface the subject with "[swing]". I understand we are also looking at hiring development in general as well, so if you have non-web J2EE (EJB, JMS, JDO, etc.), XML parsing, general text parsing experience, you can try me with "[j2ee]" in the subject, same goes with understanding XML Schema and routers (like cisco, juniper, nortel, and friends) at the same time.

We are not looking for web development in any way, shape, and/or form, so if that is your forte there is a growing list of jobs for JSP, Servlet, and JavaScript types on the job boards waiting for you. It has it's role, it's just that we are not doing stuff that fits into that paradigm anymore.

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