another test
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this is another test

Lame Excuses
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Yea, it's been a while. In addition to the traditional aggressive work schedules throw in a few weekends of paintball, a new GameCube (Zelda rocks! the graphics are amazing) and going to Denver 5 of the last weekends to see my side of the family, one weekend had two trips and another had a trip to the inlaws! Because of my work schedule blogging durring the work day is out, and when I get home I am computer burnt out, and that's when I'm not watching the 6 TV shows I follow (I know, but it's the DVRs fault I can follow them!) Americal idol is a 2 night commitment and 24? Well you just can't not watch anymore. Enterprise, Survivor, Friends, and that '70s show are just because I am weak.
So there's my lame excueses.
Small World
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Sometime's it amazing what some of the people you went to high school with do. At my high scholl reunion I learned that one of my classmates is a doctor in residence in LA, and works in the same ER as Darva Conger (FOX's who wants to marry a multi-millionare 'winner'). Another classmate was on Trading Spaces. I still haven't been able tos ee the episonde but I believe it was one of these. What really shocked me was this morning I read that Derek Cianfrance won Excellence in Cinematography in the Dramatic Competition at the Sundance festival. Wow, and he wasn't even into theater either, jsut one of our better soccer players.

Obligority java reference, the site for the Sundance Film Festival uses JavaServer Pages