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Brian Duff has learned the hard way that public blogs don't exist in a vacuum. Fortunately I rarely discuss products I work on or co-workers (not current ones anyway), and I only write bile after sitting on the entry for a day. If I'm lucky I won't have to do a Blog mea culpa, but that's the chance I take.

But the problem is that the old permalink still goes to an actual page. Removing the info from a Movable Type database won't wack the old HTML files that are generated. And people who read via aggregates may still have their old feed entries. I also use MT and was surprised at this behavior. Perhaps a best practice would be instead of deleting an entry in it's entirety one should replace the text with either an reference to a future entry explaining things or some statement like "this isn't the blog entry you are looking for" and an image of someone waving their hand.

However, the last few lines are worth preserving IMHO...

Customers actually vocally complaining about the problems on forums makes a difference that all of our internal yelling seems to never achieve. So *thank you* Jdev forum customers. By yelling about this, you're helping to make it clear that this actually is a problem at last. [duff blog link may be dead]

The reason that I think it's interesting is typical usual corporate positions are that complaining in forums gets you nothing and you should use normal $upport channel$, for $ome $trange rea$on.

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