Movable Type 3 Upgrade
  Posted May 20, 2004    PermaLink    Comments (2)  

I've just upgraded to Movable Type version 3.0D free edition. Recently I've been getting spammed by someone in eastern europe advertising their laptop site in my comments. So the whole typekey authenticated commends and approval for anonymous comments really got me to move over. You can still post random comments, but if you don't put your moderated login with it you may need to wait to see it. I'll need to upgrade a template or two but that's better than deleting 8 or more comment spams in a 10 minute span.

<span class="political rant">And I'm doing this all despite the whining that some of the Open Source Evangelics have been doing WRT SixApart charging for some non-commercial uses. I really don't have a problem with it. For my use it's just as free1 as it ever was. And if you are really running a truely personal site it still is free1. It never was free2 so people shouldn't really be astonsished when they limit the scalability of the free1 version. And when you consider just how much has gone in, the fact that the Menas are charging for heavy users it isn't astonishing, you can't run a software development shop for free1. And if they don't release a free1 version of 4.0 (whenever they do and whatever it is) then it will either be good enough for me to upgrade, or I just won't upgrade. That's the way a market3 works. If you really scale that much the cost of the license is surely some fraction of annual hosting fees.</span>

As for moving to a Java based weblogging tool like Roller, SnipSnap, or any of the other options are a no go since my incredably inexpensive host only has Tomcat 3 or 4 on here (the more recent one that isn't supported by roller). Besides, I do enough J2EE at work.

1 Free as in [root] Beer
2 Free as in Liberty
3 As opposed to a Bazzar

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Date:May 21, 2004 06:54 AM

Roller does run on Tomcat 4, but it does require jdk 1.4, so that may be a problem. I cannot speak to the others.

Name:Danno Ferrin
Date:May 23, 2004 09:52 PM

Hehe, the spammers tried and failed. Now if I can just figure out how to approve legitamate comments.

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