Vote for Elbo as the Name for (not)Echo/PIE/Atom
  Posted August 01, 2003    PermaLink    Comments (0)  

The syndication format parallel to RSS is hopefully voting on its final name that shouldn’t change this time. They tried Echo, and got a trademark conflict. Some tried PIE (Pie Is Echo) but that didn't catch on. Then a bunch of people voted for Atom. Guess what, another trademark blow up. And so this time they are trying a final vote to end the naming. And before the vote started all the final names were actually vetted against the US Patent and Trademark Office's list of on-line trademarks to make sure there were no trademark conflicts. Nine names were pushed through that processes and they are being voted on now.

Who are they being voted on by? As best I can tell anybody. This means that you can vote on it as well! Simply go to The NameFinalVote Wiki Page and add your name below the one you like (click on the link "edit text" at the bottom of the page to do this).

You're not naive enough to believe I have entirely altruistic motives here, trying to spur democracy and all. After all I am an American and you don't grease the wheels of democracy and mobilize people to vote without a reason. My reason is simple: I have a name idea that was promoted to the list (by someone else for the final portion) and I would like you to vote for it. I think Elbo is the coolest name out there, but that may be because I am biased. I also feel its the name that most fulfills the guidelines for a name presented there, especially the one about quirkiness and substance being encouraged. If you look at the ElboNameDiscuss page you can see that it has a double meaning: both as an orthogonal fitting and as a strange relation to RSS (that's repetitive stress syndrome).

And if you don't like my name, vote for one of the other 8 options. Then it will just be like all the other times I got involved in student government. *hangs*head*in*shame*and*skulks*off*of*stage*.

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