Lame Excuses
  Posted May 05, 2003    PermaLink    Comments (0)  
Yea, it's been a while. In addition to the traditional aggressive work schedules throw in a few weekends of paintball, a new GameCube (Zelda rocks! the graphics are amazing) and going to Denver 5 of the last weekends to see my side of the family, one weekend had two trips and another had a trip to the inlaws! Because of my work schedule blogging durring the work day is out, and when I get home I am computer burnt out, and that's when I'm not watching the 6 TV shows I follow (I know, but it's the DVRs fault I can follow them!) Americal idol is a 2 night commitment and 24? Well you just can't not watch anymore. Enterprise, Survivor, Friends, and that '70s show are just because I am weak.
So there's my lame excueses.
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