Aggie 1.0 RC5 (or is that alpha 5?)
  Posted February 15, 2003    PermaLink    Comments (1)  

Bitworking released Aggie 1.0 RC5 friday....


  • SMTP support is reportedly turned on
  • site-scraping for regularly formatted web sites
  • The pixel theme can add a [ Blog This] link from each entry, facilitating hit and run blogging!


  • It's Broken out fo the box! We're not talking strange stuff, but basica functionality!
  • You cannot add new feeds, it complains about a file missing, which is the local cache for the rss feed. Of course it doesn't exist yet I'm adding it!
  • The Pixel theme is horriblyt slow, and this is due to sloppy coding. They have a reference to http://ntbhi22/ in the stylesheet where they meant Aggie screaches to a halt doing a NetBios lookup.
  • Expand collapse is broken in IE for the pixel theme. It used to work before whjen it was broken in Mozilla...

I hate to bite the hand that feeds by saying this, but Aggie RC 5 is pre-alpha crap (I used the msi installer for reference). Aggie RC4 was truly an RC level release. So I snipped the one interesting feature from the pixel stylesheet (the blog this link which I am using right now), put it in my old pixel theme in RC 4, and uninstalled RC5 (codename CS101 first program submission). I sure hope they do some damage control quick like.

Update 17 Feb: One of the authors of Aggie responded inmy comments, and acknowledget hat the pixel skin is in need of work, and it will be address. As for the add problem I haven't been able to systematically reproduce it, but it involved deleting feeds, then their cache file, then re-adding the file, so it's not a normal case. But I found that after my pixel aggrivations so my tolerance for strange behavior had dropped to sero at that point

Don't get me wrong though: I like aggie, I've used aggie for months now, and will continue to use aggie, just not the RC5 version. Wait for RC6 or an update to RC5 before installing a newer verison of aggie.

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Date:February 15, 2003 10:06 PM

Sorry you're having problems with
the latest release. The bugs with
the pixel skin have been reported
by other users and are being worked on.

I haven't been able to re-produce your problem
with adding new feeds, nor do I have any other
reports of that problem. Could you supply some
more details on this behaviour? Thanks.

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