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  Posted November 18, 2002    PermaLink    Comments (0)  

It looks like I will need to implement the <wizard> local properties definition and the ant call model for <do> sooner than I had intended. It turns out that the nature of immutable properties runs very deep in the ant code. When most of the core tasks are first initialized and run they resolve all of their properties, and if they are asked to initialize again some jsut ignore the request. Change a property and re-run the task and it doesnt take, because the propery value isn't supposed to change! (echo and condition are two examples).

I came across this trying to implement the install type to components mapping, when selected one, saw what was selected, went back and changed my decision. The radio buttons regarding my selection were preserved, but the do section activating the other properties executed the same as whatever my first selection was. Implementing the nested properties will also need to entail a build listener that listens to new property values that are applied to the project set of proeprties as they are set, a simple antcall clones (in a circuitious but needed fashion) the current build project and there is no passing back of the resultant propeties. There are tricks that can be done to get those properties but they seem too much to impose on the end user, it should be integrated and magically work.

The more I do this project the more I feel that there is a significant impediance mis-match between ant and an installer.

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