Inform.Ant: Wizard Framework Working
  Posted October 27, 2002    PermaLink    Comments (0)  

I now have the Wizard task working more or less how I like it. As per my previous posts putting header and footer inside of the prompt made for a more intuitive look and feel. I also added if and unless attributes to do, undo, prompt , doPrompt, and undoPrompt. To see all this in action you can downlaod the CVS and run "ant test". Documentation is non-existant, but I never intended to address that until it was truly ready for public consumption.

I also added another task, plaf, that takes a single argument name. This sets the Swing looka nd feel the the class named in name. There are also two magic values, "system" and "cross-platform" which will set it to the native look and feel or the java look and feel respectivly. I've tested with system, cross-platform, and kunststroff and it seems to work just fine.

The next target will be to get some semblance of the formPage element working for the prompts, so some interactive pars can begin and I can start trying to make a real install wizard for something usefull.

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