Inform.Ant: Wizard Initial Design continued
  Posted October 18, 2002    PermaLink    Comments (0)  

Back from dinner. We tried a local mexican restaurant that seems to be good, better than the chain sit-down establishments we have tried.

Now, back to to body content of the <wizard> task. In addition to the operational tasks we need to update the images along the way, so we add <header>, <sidebar>, and <page> elements to handle the top, left and middle portions of the traditional wizard. <header> and <sidebar> will be treated in a similar way as the splash pages, except that they will show for the duration of the wizard or until a <header> or <sidebar> with a new attribute display="false" is encountered. The border and sidebar panes will be missing before one of these is encountered and after display="false" is encountered.

The <page> element is where most of the interesting stuff happens. Previously I stated that I was going to use HTML 4.01 forms for the content model of that page, I changed my mind. First, <input type="ugly"/> looks heinous. Second the Java Look and Feel suggestions for wizards mention context sensitive help, like one for each form element if needed. XForms in it's current rendition includes a help element that goes with each control. It also contains hint elements that I intend to use as tool tips. So what I plan to use is an arbitrary sub set of XForms with some changes of my own. The first being that the "upload" control will be re-named "fileChoose" and will be able to select directories.

So that looks like the gist of what will be there, sans attributes.  I'll invent some hacked up BNF/DTD representation as a summary:

wizard : %wizChildren%
step : %wizChildren%
%wizChildren% : (step | header | sidebar | page | prompt | do | undo)+
header: (image | htmlPage)
sidebar: (image | htmlPage)
page : %inst.form%
prompt : -emptey-
do : %antTasks%
undo : %antTasks%

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