Inform.Ant: Wizard Task and XForms
  Posted October 15, 2002    PermaLink    Comments (0)  

Just printed out the XForms working draft specification, it is quite a beast at 169 pages. I was thinking that when I did the wizard I would do some sub-set of this, but the functionality it calls for is another open source project in and of itself. It tries to cover every possible use of forms under the sun and under the moon. So when I design the wizard task I will be using some subset of the controls from XHTML 1.0 which is to say HTML 4.01.

Not that I wouldn't mind implementing XForms, since it specifies a standard model of the widget dynamically interacting with each other. Most complex installers have that to some degree (like checking the "use proxy" checkbox on one page and then all of the other items enable themselves). But I would rather have some Compon.ant, Propell.ant, and Redund.ant parts complete before I would come back to address that (in about a year or two when the spec is complete anyway).

So then what will be available is check boxes, radio buttons, text boxes, text areas, password boxes, selects, lists, and labels all syncing their values to project properties. Items can be enabled or disabled but on the first pass through that will only be evaluated on next/back transitions.

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