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On Preparing for Releasing Insubstantial (Codename Invincible)

Just a quick post here. Been busy at work transitoning to a new role, so the time away from work has become more precious.

I intend on starting the release train for my first maven central release of Insubstantial on or about 31 March. There's not too much beyond some bug fixes (one needed for JDK 7 support). I intend to call it 6.2 across all of the related projects. So if you are sitting on any bug reports or patches, go to github and submit those now, or it will have to wait for the next release.

Kirill liked to name his releases off of cities, however I have a different plan. The codename for this release is "Invincible." And I didn't pick that entirely out of the air. The future releases will have a specific pattern of code names that will last about 10 releases. Post a comment if you think you know what it is, but it will take a few release to become obvious.

As for future releases, I plan to do a release roughly quarterly. So look for new releases in late March, June, September, and December of each year. I will release what is in the codebase and bump the version numbers as needed. Either the major, minor, or patch number. This release would usually merit a patch number (6.1.1) but I am upping it to a minor to distance it from Kirill's line.

The first release after Java 7 hits the free world will receive a major version bump. This will likely be the Q3 release (unless something needs to be fixed from the Q2 release) and that is when Java 7 will be officially supported (meaning I will look into bugs against that version of Java). In that time frame I also may look into new frills like supporting rounded corners in the windows and other such silliness.

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Great news. As for the "Invincible", I'm guessing either US warships or Star Trek starships.

Danno Ferrin:

Nope. Nothing naval. The next release is "Defender." Again, not a reference to anything naval.

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