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September 10, 2009

Taking Flight: A Year of Griffon

Whenever I fly I like to get the window seat. Sitting on the aisle may get you out quicker, and it may get you quicker access to the overhead bins. But I like the window, for the 15 minutes at the beginning and end of the flight when you must turn of your laptop and take out your earphones. I like to peer out the window and see if I can see the places I came from: my car in the long term parking lot, my house, my office, or the hotel I stayed at. It helps me realize that I've come a long way, but with a lot of help.

I still remember the moment I got serious about my contributions to Griffon. I was sitting at Chinese restaurant for lunch just after JavaOne 2008. While I was reflecting on my SwingBuilder session I did with Andres Almiray I was thinking about where things should go with Swing and groovy and the germ of an idea we had recently named Griffon. I opened my fortune cookie and I can't remember what it said exactly, but it was something along the lines of "They are waiting for you to act." A couple months later I had ported over most of Grails to do a build framework for the JavaOne demo I wrote. I still remember practially dancing down the halls of work the first time I got a full loop working. After some fit and finish time Griffon 0.0 was released, but the array indexing joke was ruined by a crippling mac bug and I had to release 0.0.1 (I've since bought a mac just to rectify that issue).

But as far as I've come with Griffon, I can't forget the help I've received to get things as far as they have come. From the beginning it was a team effort with Andres, James Williams and I. And once it was released community interest was more than I anticipated. Geertjan Wielenga blogged for a solid week or two on a daily basis. Our committer ranks have doubled (although GParallelizer has far outstripped our growth rate). Andres has been amazing with the number of plugins he has written, and James has done more blogging and speaking engagements than I have the time to commit to. But that is what makes a good open source project: a community.

We haven't yet reached cruising altitude, there is still more coming out. Griffon has just release it's 0.2 beta. There are also conferences that will feature Griffon content. Two big ones are SpringOne2GX in New Orleans from October 19-22 (use the code SpringOne2GX75 to save $75 when registering) and StrangeLoop on October 22-23 in St. Louis (sorry, no discount code). So sit back and relax. Beverage service will begin shortly.

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