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Griffon 0.1 Beta Released

After much last minute bug fixing Griffon 0.1 Beta has been released into the wild. You can get the goods at the Griffon Downloads Page. Highlights for this release:

  • Plugins, as prevously discussed.
  • Enhanced Testing Support via the test-app script and plugins such as fest and easyb.
  • Packing via pack200 packing of existing jars for Java 6u10
  • Smarter handling of the auto-sign and auto-pack of jars. Jars are only packed and signed for distribution packaging and the run-webstart and run-applet execution.
  • Some re-working of the MVCGroup APIs. See the FileViewer sample for a subtle example.
  • Any bug with a patch in the JIRA database has been applied, they've all been good so far.

I'de like to thank the other two despots (Andres and James)for their help in development and evangalism and all the early adopters who have given Griffon a look in the 0.0 release. And especially those who submitted patches! That's what OSS is about!

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Michael Campbell:

Wow, awesome work!

Now, can someone have the foresight to mention on these "XXX released" entries what XXX actually *IS*?

Danno Ferrin [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I guess I am making the assumptiont aht when people read my blog they look to other entries for context. Griffon is a Grails like framework for Swing applications. One of my previous entries has more info.

Aaron Faanes:

Hey, I hate for my first post on this blog to be pointing out a bug, but in this blog post, you never closed your 'code' tag (more specifically, you forgot the /), so in my browser, it makes the entire index page monospaced. :(

It's at the "... and the run-webstart and run-applet execution. ..." at the fourth bullet.

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