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Consumer JRE - I think they may have pulled it off.

On my system I use two browsers: Mozilla and IE. Our customers use IE (its functionally as if they have a law to do so) so whenever I need to tweak web stuff (it happens on occasion) I fire up IE to test it. There is also another reason as well, I don't install flash on my Mozilla instance. Flash ads are extremely annoying, and almost never are relevant to me (lower my rates? Below 4.375%?). So I am in the habit of seeing the bevel box and thinking "is it worth firing up IE to watch this YouTube video." This makes getting RickRoled that much more annoying.

So I am going to this Baseball Salary Comparison (via NYT/Freakonomics) in Mozilla and I am scratching my head. Is AJAX that powerful now? Did flash sneak into my plugins? Is Silverlight in XP SP3? So I view the source and... oh my... it's referencing a class file. Where was the browser halting startup? The grey box? The orange java logo? I look down to my system tray and, yep, there's the java logo. I do have 6u10Beta installed, so all of the consumer oriented goodness is wired in by default, and it worked.

Oh my, I started a Java applet and didn't know it.

About time.


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