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Does anyone else see the problem with My NetBeans requiring Flash? Not just requiring flash but running client side 100% Flash! No AJAX? JavaFX? JRuby? A Java IDE that touts itself as the best platform for RIAs dosen't eat it's own Dogfood? and sends advertisements for Apache Flex in the page source?

After nearly seven years as a NetBeans user, I think it's time for me to pony up some cash and switch to IntelliJ.

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Just a thought. ;-)

Well, arguing against NetBeans because its social networking site is made with Flash is like arguing against Eclipse because I hate the violet color... :-)

Danno Ferrin [TypeKey Profile Page]:

It's not quite arguing against the violet color. Would you buy a pie the baker won't eat?

AJAX is not a specific technology by Sun Microsystems, and JavaFX is something in which Sun clearly believes, but it's still too young to be used. Furthermore, it's highly possible that Sun just outsourced the building of that site to some corporate specialized in communications and that kind of guys often use Adobe technologies. And you don't know how the backend has been designed...

Robert Demmer:

The site you are looking at was only a beta concept site and was not meant to be promoted widely. It was made available to gather early feedback on the contents. It is now being incorporated into the NetBeans.org which will also sport a new design.

As I said you will see the "official site" launch in coordination with the final NetBeans 6 release next week. Hold tight as you will see JavaFX appear later on.

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