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New to Swings? Sshhh... Don't Tell Anyone Sun's Secret!

You can tell Kirill is not on Sun's payroll, since he didn't get the memo to be quiet about any leaking of swings. Charles Ditzel isn't saying boo about it, and neither is Romain Guy. Luckily the only NDAs I've signed with sun relate to the JCP so I can spill the beans.

Think of it this way -- http : https :: swing : swings. SwingS is the new Secure Swing extensions that Sun is throwing together to support rendering of high quality swing GUIs via HDCP connections. Apparently the MPAA didn't like that you can not only get the Swing source code from Sun (and soon via GPL) but even if the source code wasn't released one could very easily decompile the code. And don't expect to see source code, the licencing body of the HDCP keys doesn't like anything that isn't opaque, if there is the slightest bit of transparency they will freak out. I mean, you should have seen the conniption their reps threw the first time they saw the Aero Glass effect at Microsoft. They said such transparency was "Un-American" so Steve Balmer said "fine, we'll only release it in EMEA and Asia" (but obviously the relented).

Well, I'm releasing way too many industry secrets (and by secrets I mean totally made up stuff) so I should stop.

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Pretty funny :) Btw, I've stopped working at Sun almost a year ago now.

Danno Ferrin [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Nice cover Romain, but you of all people know this started at least 3 years ago. It's only been waiting for HDCP enabled laptops. ;)

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