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January 27, 2006

Waterfall 2006

Ahh... not since my freshman year have I seen such interest in the Waterfall methodology. Too bad it's a joke, because it's a conference I might actually be able to get my company to pay for.

What makes this so funny and sad at the same time is that I have worked with people who are so thourhly characterized by some of these bios, except there use nicer terms that are friendlier to their point of view. I mean, who writes a 600 page object model without implementing it once? And then when we do implement the smallest part of it using his choice of data model he complains about the performance?

I only wish that the "it all flows downhill" mentality existed only in software engineering.

January 30, 2006

Dilbert: Why Waterfall is such a bad model

Sunday's Dilbert exposed just why Waterfall rarely works in the real world. Given a blank slate most product managers have no idea what they want it to do.

The real world follow on is when Sally finally does write the software the PM will say "why doesn't it do [feature X our competitor has]?" And anyone who has been in this flow before will know just how the rest of the conversattion will go.

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