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Broken Fingers and Resumes

Yea, I haven't been blogging for a couple of weeks. I broke two of my fingers folding a gorilla ladder, seriously! Maybe I'll tell the story later but sufficient to say after working all day with one and a half hands the last thing I want to do is to type some more. I really should have taken my doctor up on that note, it would have been more useful than 120 tablets of Vicoden (which comment spammers will be more than happy to hook me up with).

That bit aside, I've noticed that Swing is starting to be a growing skill in job postings, I even had one recruiter try to get a hold of my via a comment on my blog! Well, I expect my company will adding to the demand soon as well. Since I will be on paternity leave in early October I would hope it's sooner rather than later. This will be to add staff rather than to replace someone who is leaving (FMLA not withstanding). So if you live in or are willing to commute/relocate to Colorado Springs CO and have experience in Swing and/or WebStart let me know at danno dot ferrin @ intelliden dot com, and please preface the subject with "[swing]". I understand we are also looking at hiring development in general as well, so if you have non-web J2EE (EJB, JMS, JDO, etc.), XML parsing, general text parsing experience, you can try me with "[j2ee]" in the subject, same goes with understanding XML Schema and routers (like cisco, juniper, nortel, and friends) at the same time.

We are not looking for web development in any way, shape, and/or form, so if that is your forte there is a growing list of jobs for JSP, Servlet, and JavaScript types on the job boards waiting for you. It has it's role, it's just that we are not doing stuff that fits into that paradigm anymore.


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