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Java WebStart and Desktop Integration

JDIC or not I think some people at Sun are getting some issues related to desktop integration and building them in. Some of the chagnes in 1.5.0 are ho hum but some of them address JDIC type issues:

  • Ability to specify where in the Start menu to install the startup shortcut
  • Ability to add extra stuff to the menu, like ReadMe docs and support links
  • Ability to associate MIME types and file extensions in the desktop shell with your WebStart app
  • Ability to detect another running instance of your app and send startup info to that instance
  • An Import Mechanism, so you can install apps from CD from and have them update from the web

All of these are great, but today I saw the best surprise of all (better than GridBagLayout throwing array index exceptions). While re-installing FireFox I saw that my test WebStart program was actually in the Add/Remove Programs Dialog! No more hokey stuff about going to the WebStart panel to clear out an old version, now I can tell SEs over the phone "OK, click start, control panel, Add/Remove Programs. Now find..." "Look, I'm not that stupid I know how to remove applications" "Apparently you don't or you wouldn't have opened that ticket as Urgent."


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