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December 1, 2003

Some Code Never Dies

I remember when I first really learned about Java. I had seen the HotJava browser on TuCows but passed it by. It was when I downloaded and used a beta version of Netscape Navigator 2.0 in late 1995 that I really got interested in it. I immediatly went and got the beta JDKs for Java 1.0 and started looking at it. I had told myself that I don't have time to learn another language because C++ was the future, and that I really needed to stop playing with it because I really really needed to study for finals. Since I was at the Colorado School of Mines finals wasn't something I could really blow off. I still got a C in Chemistry even though I actually did study for that class (it was the hard heavy math based chemistry, now warm and fuzzy environmental essays here, I probobly would have gotten a D in that class).

I didn't do too much with java over the Christmas Break, I spent most of it playing Dark Sun Shattered Lands. Durring the next semester was when I started playing more with java. One of the first things I wrote was an absolute positioning Layout Manager, since I hadn't quite groked the whole point of relative layout managers. Over the years I'de see some of my early stuff pop up on Google queries, a presentation I made at an early DJUG Meeting on ClassLoaders is still kicking around on someone elses site. My position layout was even shown on some companies JIT benchmark pages.

Well today I got an IM from someone looking for the source to that first real polished Java class I wrote over 7 years ago. Whouldn't you know it was still sitting on someone's web page? I found it complete with my old "semi-colins everywhere indent the braces" coding style. They had actually used it and the web page had never been taken down (unlike my page at Mines which is long gone). Considering that this is a Random Act of Software it's pretty impressive that it just refuses to die. I'm sure there's got to be better implementations of what I've done, but if you disagree you can grab PositionLaout.java for yourself, now under a Creative Commons Attribution License! (No warrenties of fitness, as is, no support, etc. etc. et. al.).

December 3, 2003

Web Service aren't Distributed Objects?!

Newsflash: Web Service aren't Distributed Objects [via The Server Side].

I have just one thing to say about that..... Duh! Maybe that's why it's getting greater traction that CORBA and Java RMI. RPC is a lot simpler than Distributed Objects, and sometimes the simplest solution is the best.

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