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Thick and Rich Like Snickers Cake

It appears that I've been getting some drubbing over what I call thick and thin. One coward who wouldn't leave a real name in the comments section stated that

Are you implying the Swing == thick ?????
This is completely false.A Swing client could be thick or thin.

One of the things I learned in school is to make statements that don't contradict themselves, like calling something completely false and then immediatly stating that part of the time it is true. This is predicate logic, typically covered in the sophomore year of most CS departments, which the responder must have been too drunk to remember. Mr. "Look at me I'm Anonymous!" should have just said that my choice of words was imprecise in his opinion.

Neil kindly pointed out that Sun has been using the term "Rich Client". I always thought that term was a reaction to the (formerly) negative connotation of a thick client, when they were client/server applications (such as your typical PowerBuilder app). Perceiving it to be marketing fluff I had quickly expunged this term from my vocabulary. But the lines and definitions between thick and thin are getting very blurred and stuff like WebStart is even obliterating some of those lines.

But sometimes things can be too rich. If you ever cook a Snickers Cake be sure to use semi-sweet chocolate chips instead of milk chocolate chips. That was a little too rich and thick.


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