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IBM Move Fills in Eclipse Hole

Almost year ago I posted a review and comparison of NetBeans and Eclipse. The ultimate end for me was to stick with NetBeans because it had a visual gui designer and Eclipse didn't (an essentail job function of mine). Well, that looks to be changing. IBM will start it off by donating its Visual Editor from the WebSphere Studio line to the Eclipse project for JFC/Swing editing, and other companies will be extending it to support SWT. This perhaps may explain why SWT Designer sold itself to Instantiations earlier this week.

This basically leaves refactoring as the bigest distinguishing feature of Eclipse, and Code Folding for Netbeans once 3.6 ships.

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Code folding is still on the agenda for Eclipse 3.0. It probably will either be in M6 or M7 - but will almost definitely make it into 3.0 final.

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