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Open Position at My Employer

My employer will soon have an opeing for someone with general J2EE skills (no it's not my position.... sheesh!). The typical J2EE stuff like EJB, XML, Web Services, Servlets, and JMS are what we are looking for (although you don't need all of them at once). Additional skills that are nice to have are Ant, JUnit, Perforce, WebLogic, and WebSphere. Don't forget the gems like "Works Independently," "Is a Good Team Player," and... I'm starting to get hives so I better stop. Also if you are familiar with networking stuff like switches and routers that is a big plus, but don't sweat it if you don't have it. I barely know that acronymns like MPLS, BGP, and IGRP vaugeley relate to routers and I'm doing fine.

The position is in downtown Colorado Springs, CO and AFAIK there is no relocation expenses. You could post your resume on our web-form but because of a couple of recente articles (one in the Denver Post and one in the Colorado Springs Gazette) there's a lot of unsolicitied resumes floating through that account for every position imaginable. A better approach would be to e-mail me at danno.ferrin@intelliden.com.

The person doing the hireing for this position also wants me to keep an eye out for "opportunistic hires" with testing and/or systems integrations skills. "Opportunistic Hires" means we don't have a req for it but having a very good candidate makes it easier to go get one. So smoke 'em if you got 'em!

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Jason Prince:

I hope you don't mind my posting here. I was doing a search on swing and came across your site. I'm looking for 2 or 3 developers with recent swing gui experience as well as experience with web services (Websphere). The positions are located in the Tech Center area of Denver. Anyone come to mind (including yourself)? Thanks!

Jason Prince
Staffing/Project Specialist
The Triple-i Corporation
Phone: 800-444-8101 x2015
Fax: 913-262-4224
E-mail: jprince@triplei.com

Well, we ourselves in the near term are looking at hirihg some developers with swing expertese ourselves, so I'll have to pass personally. As for any leads we do find, would you be interested in the candidates we don't extend offers to? ;)

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