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WiFinder for Tungsten C

I've been trying out a nifty little app called WiFinder from Bits 'n Bolts (It's still in beta, but quite nice). Basically it's NetStumbler for the PalmOS, and specifically for the new Tungsten C. It amazes me at how good the Wi-Fi on my Tungsten C is based on the sheer number of access points it was able to snoop on my way between home and work. I tried doing the NetStumbler thing with my Dell and the TrueMobile wirelless card it has, and before I detected maybe 5 to 7, my Tungsten detected about 15+.

One of the things that astonished me was the sheer number of "default" and "llinksys" nodes with no WEP on channel 6. Very few sites that did any configuration actually turned WEP on, the most suprising one being a nursing home (HIPPA anyone)? One that actually did turn on the security was the local Seventh Day Adventest church, along with some banks and stock brokers.

I didn't actually try to connect to any of them (it's hard to do at 35-55 MPH) so I couldn't get a real feel for connectivity. When I was scouting out the details of the C I did a lot of message board snooping and one of the anecdotal complaints I heard was the pitiful range of the C. Becasue of that I was a little cautious about un-doing too much of the packageing for my C. But when it outperformed my laptop I was supriesed.

Of course you got to wonder about some of those posts, because if you disconnect your antennas, place it atop a rack-mount server in a metal rack, close the cage door, and close the metal fire door in the server closet of course range is going to suck, it's not the wireless client's fault.


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