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Swiss Army IDE Problem

The approriately names BileBlog was spewing some bile about IDEs lately...

There's also the gui editor issue. I despise it, and will gleefully delete it from my plugins dir once it shows up there. It's such a shame that market forces demand junk like this. To be fair though, I have some sympathy to it being added as a lot of big companies demand bloated shite like this, so it makes sense from a business perspective. Although it's particularly amusing seeing the various comments that have been made about it. A whole bunch of 'well I never use swing but I tried it and blahblah' rubbish. Serious swing developers I suspect are likely to scoff and stick to using their own hand rolled magic. Still, I'm sure java needs yet more ignorant mediocre inexperienced developers dabbling in swing eh? [The BileBlog ]

There's a couple of things I want to address in this little bit. But Wow, in four short days he's spewed a lot of bile that really chaps his hide about java in gerenal. I've probobly got enough for three posts off of this.

Issue #1 : IDE Bloat. Yea, I've noticed this alot lately. All the IDEs need to have some fangleled spangeled tool to do the latest programming fad. Well based on what was said at JavaOne I'de say it's only going to get worse. The 20% that can do without it are probobly using Emacs or TextPad anyway. But if sun wants that other 80% to come over (you know: those other 7 Million developers they want coding in Java instead of VB) They live and breate by and IDEs slick add on tools. And they want it all in the same program.

The type of slick progams they want are stuff like the new Project Rave (and hardcore developers will yawn, principally because it's not for them). Be ready becuase if Sun is serious about those developers they will have to cater to their whims. We're talking about the corperate IT guys who only write software for their department and other such "internal use only" tools that extist because of VB. What's going to happen is that if developing something is not easy they'll put it back on their never ending stadk of stuff to do and work on something else or (more likely) use some other tool.

It's like dating: You'll generally go for what's available and (given a choice) you avoid stuff that's difficult to deal with (or go without). And if it dosen't fulfull your needs you're likely to move on. Sun wants Java to appeal to the lowest common denominator by being flexible, without attachment, and easy!


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