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All Your Hardware are Belong to NGSCB

CNet has an intersting article about how Microsoft is going to integrate NGSCB (the technoloy formerly known as palladium) into the Windows GUI. Windows that are secure and have what should be considered confidential will actually have a different look to them. It's a good thing they are letting the themeing stuff simmer for a couple of years so whent hey need it it's well done. Although most Linux windows managers woth using do this already: I can make telnet windows to sun boxes have an openwindows look and feel to them to remind me I sholdn't try wacky linux commands there.

There was one glimmer of hope however...

NGSCB will not be integrated into Longhorn, which is due in 2005, but will instead come out as separate software, [Microsoft: A separate look for security]

Oh good, it won't be completely crammed down our throat, not without our permission.

...Over time, pieces of the technology will be integrated into the coming operating system.

But it's gonna be like the catalytic converter. Optional at first, then mandatory, then "leaded fuel" (aka commercial software not useing NGSCB) will disapper. Maybe if we are lucky it will be more like caffiene free diet coke, widely available at firt but then only avaliable if you know where to get it, but still out there.

Note to self: don't eat fast food after 3pm. Second note to self: don't eat fast food.


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