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What's up with Tuxedo.org!?

Ok, I ttried to look up a referencde to ESR's "The Cathedral and the Bazar" for an post I'm writing and the cannonical entry is stored at tuxedo.org, but when you try to get any entry you get thrown to seemingly random sites! All the sites seem to have a decidedly Open Soruce spin though: ethics.org, publicknowledge.org, fsf.org, linux.org, techp.org. Did I miss the posting on slashdot or something?


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I ran into that on thursday myself, trying to find an entry in the Jargon file.

He's moved everything to http://catb.org/~esr/. The last-mod date on the new site is January 22, 2003.

No, I don't recall any official "I'm moving" statments, and I think the "lets randomly send them to some online-rights page" is a sucky way to handle a 404 or a 300.


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