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NetBeans.org Want You to Click My Links!

Download NetBeans!

NetBeans is embarking on a community based marketing push as of late, as seen on their Move the needle! page. Actually it started, like, nearly a month ago. I was going to do this a month ago, but I'm actually starting to do some interesting stuff at work. But do me a favor, click on my main blog page and click on the netbeans link.

So what's in it for you if you click the link above? Nothing, unless you actually download netbeans and use it. What's in it for me? Probably a book I won't read and will just sit on my bookself in my cube looking importiant. It's not like I'm selling out, anyone who has been reading my blog knows that currently NetBeans is my IDE of choice, and that I have looked elsewhere *cough*eclipse*cough*, and NetBeans is currently the pair of sneakers that fit most comfortably.

Also, I am going on a short vacation tomorrow. I can tell this because my mind has basically already turned off, I'm even going to leave my laptop at home and jsut bring along my game boy. Once I get back (or sooner, it's that or work) and my brain turns on I'm going to add links for the other tools I actually use.


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