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People Do Learn

I got a letter from Rob Demmer the other day, this time offering a proper applogy for our e-mail flame out. I don't feel the same need to post that e-mail to my blog as I did last time, since I will categorically say it was suffucent, apology accepted. And to imply I was blameless would be wrong, after all Rob didn't make me post it to my blog.

But it actually would up being for the better, without that experience I doubt that I would have given Eclipse as much consideration as I did, and now I feel more confident in my choice of IDEs. The only advantage that Eclipse has left is "Dating the New Girl" (more on the bug attitude later). The biggest (and for my work most significant) disadvantage Eclipse has is the total lack of a Swing or SWT GUI designer, coding stuff like that just simply takes too much time. I'm not even going to look again until Eclipse has something that can compete with NetBeans offering.


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