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NetBeans listens

It looks like one of my previous issues about NetBeans is getting some resolution, that of a bad attitude about bugs, at least in this anectotal case.

I posted a feature request for NetBeans 4.0 (Issue #29467) to add code comletion to Ant Build scripts. I saw that they added it for XSLTs so how much more difficult can the stock Ant 1.5 tasks be? It took about a month from open to working code in the 4.0 dev codeline. It seems to work in the limited bases I have tested it in. I won't use it for day to day work because I have an alergic reaction to beta-quality code I can't or lack the time to get inside of and fix easily.

Granted, if I got requests for changes like some people have I might have a bad attitude about "community" requested features too. And I am seing some more responsibility taken WRT quality and releases. NetBeans 3.4.1 is about a month late. Why? There were several bad bugs identified in teh release candidates that were put out that were deem worthy of stopping work and fixing. One of the decisions in software development is deciding that whether or not it's fit for public consumption as a release. Depending on the scale of the use the threshold of bugginess moves, but it looks like NetBeans is taking the road less traveled and saying "Too buggy, the release date be damned!" rather than releaseing a 3.4.2, then a 3.4.3, etc. etc. Not that I've had any personal experiences with that kind of a release schemdule ;).


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