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Netbeans does SWT

AndI got the screenshot again, look!


Well, April Fools again, at least this time it's a bit closer to the date than last time. What you are seeing is a feature of NetBeans that is not aggressivly documented, if you open up ide.cfg and add a line "-ui com.sun.java.swing.plaf.windows.WindowsLookAndFeel" in there. And BAM no more "owe my eyes it's purple."

One piece of code in there that is not april foolery is the Ant code competion, sceduled for the 4.0 release of netbeans, which is... ummm... going to be relased in June, really! Actually looking at the scedules it looks like it's achieveable, feature freeze in about a month and three to four months of what I like to term "quality time" with the code.

Ray mentioned that he didn't like the "swingy" look of NetBeans, and this does a good job of getting rid of it. The same option is available in NetBeans 3.x as well. You are not limited to Metal or Windows, there are other look and feel options such as Kunststoff and Metouia. But since the client I am writing is supposed to look best in Windows, I use the Windows look and feel so the GUI designer uses it by default.


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