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Java String Tricks


if (request.getParameter("checkbox") != null &&

With StringUtils.equals(String, String), you get a little less coding:

if (StringUtils.equals(
request.getParameter("checkbox"), "true"))

If you're using Struts or some other library that already depends on commons-lang, why wouldn't you use it? Possibly performance reasons, but I doubt it causes much of a hit.

Actually, the latter implementation will perform better. It has half the hash lookups and HotSpot can inline the method invocation. [ crazybob ]

Actually, even easier than that....
 if ("true".equals(request.getParameter("checkbox")))
The string class already does the null check inside of the equals call and requires no exteranl library. I got this from an old C trick where whenever you are comparing somethingto null you put the null on the left side. If you accidentally type an assignment then the compiler will crash because a constant is not a valid LValue for an assignment.


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