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PMD for NetBeans/Forte

I think I found the missing piece from my entry about what NetBeans needed. Enter PMD, (the acronym stands for many things. It has what I was looking for: F12 (next error) integration, and intelligent line positioning (meaning I can delete the emtyp constructor and F12 or clicking on the error takes me to the correct line, even thougg it is 3-4 lines higher now). You can even write your own custom rules and plug them into PMD. But no product is perfect, some of the parameters (like how deep it should go before freaking out over deep if statements) don't seem editable, and there is no "use spaces and not tabs" rule. But it's still in beta.

This is a project that should be added to the netbeans master auto-update when it reaches FCS even though it's not a netbeans-owned project, it's that good.


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