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FUD giveth, and FUD taketh away

Found an intersting article on Integration Developer News that is basically an op-end piece for IBM, but the FUD is implicating Sun and IBM...

  • Signature Test Suite - the second question points out a nasty trap Sun has set, in additon to Compatibility Testing (a good thing) there is a second set of tests called the "Signature tests" that test for things that are not specified and hence not allowed to be present. IBM's example is Workflow. I agree with the article in that it is Sun blocking innovation (but not the JCP doing the blocking, JCP is just being used asa a tool).
  • IBM Donated Apache Axis? - I think not, but they claim to...
    As an example, there is JSR 109, which specifies an embedded SOAP parser for the Java programming model -- something Java programmers have been increasingly asking for absent native SOAP support in Java. That is the one we submitted to both the Java Community Process and the Apache Axis group as the Axis Parser. [ Integration Developer News ]
    Granted, IBM did donate SPAO4J, which became Apache SOAP v. 1 and v. 2. However AXIS is a "from-scratch rewrite" (Axis is also refered to as Apache SOAP v. 3). IBM represents 5/16 active and 4/16 inactive contributors based on e-mail address, so they not be said say IBM developerd it "in the open" for apache either. It just strikes me as wrong for IBM to claim something that was an Apache project as their own (even if they employ a little over a quarter of the contributors). Maybe I am mis-reading it, but it doesn't feel like I am.


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