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Turning Points

All of us can point to at least one point in theier lives that they can call a turning point. One of those happened to me in late October of 1999 that prompted me to drop out of college. What could possibly cause that? A Movie, not just any movie. It is a movie that every one at my work can quote and re-create at the drop of a hat. That movie?

Office Space

I'm not kidding, as horrible as it made working life look it was utterly hillarious. Why is it so funny? Because it's so true. Almost all of the things they joke about could happen at a real company. And why is it such a turning point? It made me realize how much more I liked working than doing mini fire drill homework assignments that just get round filed when your done. And also, becuase if I had waited to graduate I am fairly certian that I would be Steve, the unemployed software engineer selling magazines. Timing was everything in catching enough of that wave to bring you to shore.

p.s. Anyone got some money they want to launder?


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