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Nation of Verification

We recently got some new checks with an error in the street address. Not a problem, just call them up and ask for a correction right? So my wife calls (at 9pm, they got 24 hour service) and corrects them. Well, they ask her for both her SSN and her driver's license number. Both her and my instincts rise, why do they need both? Not even our bank needed the driver's license number, and what if it is some miminum wage call center person writing that info on a sticky note beside them prepping to commit identity theft? So she "can't find" her license and hangs up saying she'll call tomorrow. It bothers me so much that I can't even wait 5 minutes before calling up and asking for a supervisor/manager.

It turns out that it was standard procedure, but the kicker is they can process it without it. I find this out after some vocal objection. It turns out they can verify the information with the bank, it will just be 2 days slower. WTF!?! Why don't they tell that up front? Why do the need information that not even my bank has. Seriously, if the call script went "If you give us your Social Security Number and driver's license number we can process this request faster. Would you like to give that info?" I wouldn't be writing this.

Way to make your customers paranoid Clarke America!

Update : after talking with my bank it turns out they still call the bank to verify whether the get the info or not. WTF!?! And they even tried to charge me for the re-print too... Grrr....


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