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Inst.Ant does (part of) Tomcat

I've slowly been adding form controls to the form element over the past few evenings. With the addition of a text area control and a file chooser I now can create a wizard shell that could install Tomcat. It's not soup yet in may ways though. There is quite a bit of work to do for a weekend project (but if I had 40 hours a week time to spend on it I could belt it out in a couple of weeks, maybe one if there are no suprises). That is the problem with free (as in beer) software development, there's times I would much rather watch Harry Potter and I do.

The potential todo list on the immediate horizon (rest of Q42002) is as follows... (mind you that doesn't mean it will get done in Q4).

  • Support radio buttons, and by condequence buttons groups. I would support one property-multiple values across the group and multiple properties-one value as well.
  • Add if and unless attributes to all of thw form controls. Useful for summary and confirmation pages. Also for user data pages where another component may require extra info for a group of data.
  • Add a progress bar widget that listens to do and undo steps and progeresses it. Also a text line that shows the last info level log from ant would be nice.
  • Add console suppot for the wizard, right now there is no console support. None at all.
  • Have at least some version of compon.ant out, so a single-jar install can be done.
  • Lowest on my list is to refactor the properties to be held in the wizard model, as discussed in my Skinning a Cat Any Other Way... entry.

If anyone is following the CVS there are two new targets that may be of interest: demo and demo.tomcat. The first gives a short tour of all of the form controls (this is mostly what I use to test). The second shows the work in progress for a Tomcat installer, except for the fact it doesn't actually install anything. I am using it to gauge the look of the GUI. It looks better using kunststoff so I am using that in the Tomcat installer.

A better set of distributables and descritive web site will be coming when the code is closer to soup. I'de hate to have a page (other than my weblog) promising good stuff and sitting stagnet for a year.


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