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Evil, but not Evil Enough

I almost got my evil scheme to work...

try {
    Field fieldProp = Project.class.getDeclaredField("properties");
    Hashtable props = (Hashtable) fieldProp.get(project);
} catch (Exception e) {
    project.log("I got caught with my hand in the cookie jar: " + e);
    project.setProperty(property, "");

I can access the properties object, but only in jdk 1.2+. The API I need to access a private field is java.lang.reflect.AccessableObject, which wasn't present in JDK 1.1.

So I am at a crossroads... and what I am leaning towards is to drop JDK 1.1 support. It kinda works but will be rather broken for most install tasks. The other option is to try and add a removeProperty method to the Project class, but I would either need to fork it or get it into Ant 1.6. Forking for a legitamite API reason is just as unpallitable to me as forking for political reasons. As for the other path I bet that a bug for adding a removeProperty method would get shot down for design reasons, and I couldn't say I'de blame them on that one either. Oh well...


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