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What's in a name?

Ahh... Apparently my high quality page design has caused some confusion about what my name is. It is now out there, on the right underneath contact info. My name was easy to find when I was using the default grey theme, but I changed that and missed putting some info in, and I just barely did it yesterday, how timely. I also just finally got around to making some non-default bookmarks anyway. I thought about putting my picture on the right as well, but Anthony has file uploads turned off on his roller installation, can't say I blame him. Besides, that's not really an accurate picture anyway, the photographer thought the goggles might be cooler than glasses.

So what is my name? Apparently I confused Rickard and all the info he had available was "The Speling Error guy" (good guess, I am a guy, although references to a wife aren't always a dead give away). Where did I get the name for my blog "And They Shall Know Me By My Speling Errors" anyway? Well I was listening to the Music Choice Alternative they had a blurb come up about a band named "And They Shall Know Us By the Trail of Dead" commonly know as "...Trail of Dead." I've probably heard one of their sons at sometime but I couldn't place it. Anyway the place they got their name was from some ancient Mayan writings. I thought the name concept was incredibly cool (except for the killing part) and decided to make it my own. Since they got their name from some Mayan writings I wasn't stealing from them but really from the Mayans, and since copyrights are only good for 50 75 100 years and they Mayans are long gone they cannot sue me. And rather than killing people I have a bad habit of mis-speling words. (Full disclosure: that last one was intentional) (Full disclosure: I have ieSpell installed on my machine and you can see the good it does). Boy, I really like that "Full disclosure" bit. I picked it up from RatcliffeBlog when he was ripping on webloggers who went to Mobeous 2002 and didn't disclose it on their sites. (Full disclosure: I didn't go but would not have turned it down, assuming it was paid for). And to think that Ratcliffe thinks he knows more about the PDA market than I do! (Full disclosure: I am sure he does)

Another person referred to me simply as shemnon (I'll link it later when I find it. It was about a week ago and have long since reclaimed that weak reference). Where did I get shemnon from? Well, there is that legendary racer Shemnon Patterson who races at Wenatchee Valley's Super Oval, but it's not him. There is another obscure reference that google would help you find.

Which brings us to my real name..... which is not Danno. It's Daniel. How do you go from Daniel to Danno? Well, first your mom shortens it to Dan, then when you are two you are pretty dang certain that you mom keeps calling you Danno when in fact she is saying Dan, no! Cute story eh? Ultimately wrong, like the origins of another name we have all heard: cute, but ultimately wrong. The real story about how I started going by Danno has to do with my high school debate coach and the state tournament my junior year. It's not as exciting a story as the others I've told, and since I've already spent too much time writing this I should probably go now. I hope you have as much fun reading this as I have had writing it!


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