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The Future is Now

I've only really had my head stuck in the blogsphere for only two weeks and already I am convinced that it is truly the future of content on the internet. At least as far as Geek stuff goes. Or maybe I am just noticing that Slashdot is no longer the leading edge of geek news that it once was.

Consider these two stories that I first found on my RSS feeds I aggregate, the first was The Parable of the Languages. I had read it two days earlier. Then there was Tuning Java Swing Apps for Mac OSX, again something I had read days earlier. It is kind of ironic though, since slashdot could be considered one of the most well known web logs out there. Cmdr Taco once said himself when people were bitching and moaning about the quality of teh content when OSDN bought them that they really started out and would continue to be posting news that entertainer Hemos and himself.

I guess that means that the poineers never truly lead forever, witness PARC and Cray as more evidence. The bleeding edge has scabbed over slashdot and has now surpassed them into the realm of the independent web logger. But slashdot is still worthwhile for a good laugh now and then

The future was now.

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