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So that's what's in a name

My little bit about names sure made a quick round. I learned two cool things, the first being how you can use google to get people's real names from their e-mails. But I tried it and root@localhost gives me so many confusing results I wonder if it's a bogus e-mail address, so I guess ThongGirl73 lied to me in the chat room the other day :(

The other thing that Russell Beattie mentioned about a "personal brand." For kicks I occasionally do web searches on myself to see who is referenceing me. I learn all sorts of things like a presentation I presented nearly 7 years ago on Class Loaders is still alive on someone else's web site, and that one of the first Java classes I worte was also used on a JIT benchmark. That and I also learned that apparently I whine alot ;). But I diregess. The top search on shemnon was a really old open source project I did just before Jakarta was announced, JCCSP, which I did mostly because I was playing with grammers at the time and thought they were cool. But my current weblog? Fifth. And searching for my name? Weblog no where. My "personal brand" is not associated with my current writings.

So what is the value of a personal brand? Let me run a few names by you: James Duncan Davidson, Jon Stevens, Russell Beattie. Because of the strong associations with those names you know who they are. And if they ever need to look for jobs then recognition like that can help immensley, even in Jon's case. Especially in Jon's case because people know what they would be getting into up front and there is a lot of value in prior knowledge, it's mutually benificial for both parties.

Such a personal brand could be useful. And if someone find's your weblog you don't want it to incriminate you. My weblog title is bad enough, I'm just glad I didn't name it "... By My Show Stopping Bugs" or "... By My Arithmetic Errors That Lead To Kernel Panics" or even "... By My Total Aversion to Production Worthy Code." The reason I didn't use those is probobly because they don't describe me even if they would be rather funny. You know I probobly should consider changeing the name of my web log.....


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