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On Nerfs and Throwing Things

Sometimes I feel like our office is still stuck in the dot-com days, even though none of us really worked for a dot-com (the late ChannelPoint was a VC black hole when I got there). The reason I say that is the large number of flying objects that frequent the cube farm.

I guess I am partly to blame since I was the first to bring my nerf BallZooka in. But it grew from there with people buying 30 round gatling nerf launchers and 3 round mini-missle launchers. The problem is that the sound of the cool whistling darts were drowned out by the pneumatic pump in the gun. So some of us resorted to simply throwing the darts by hand.

I am convinced that some of the people who are no longer with the company started hiding and throwing away the darts because slowly but surely the darts started disappearing. Well the other day a couple of the guys found an ammo re-fill form from nerf. One ordered about 30 of the darts but the other ordered some of the mini missles (the ones that go wwwwww.... THUD). How many? Fiftey. Not five, not three, but fifty, at a buck a pop! Enough to fully load 16 of the missile launchers. Does he own a missile launcher? No.

But here's the funny part. The next day he gets a call from the Nerf purchasing office asking what he wants with 50 of the mini missiles (it's not like they are munitions). They were wondering if it was for personal use or for sales. "Office antics" was his answer. So it turns out for that large an order that the order had to have the approval of another department. I can just see the e-mail now: "I need approval for a large munitions purchase."


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