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JView Swing Suprise

Color me suprised! I downloaded Swing 1.1.1 from the java web site and ran it against Microsoft's JView program, and my splash stuff worked with only Java 1.1 level tweaking! I also ran the SwingSet test and was suprised that the performance was fine! (1Ghz and 512MB of ram may have figured intot that however...)

The upshot of this is twofold: first I will be able to comply with the Apache Ant Task Design Guidelines and write the Inform.ant portions to conform to Java 1.1. Second is that Inst.ant can be writting to run on a "stock" Windows machine without having to got to an AWT parallel solution. Just include the classes in swingall.jar and you are good to go. So the odds of seeing a SWT version also fell to near zero as well since I won't be plugging anything but console and GUI, where GUI means swing. Being able to run on JView was the whole point of designing with multiple GUIs in mind, so now I can go with a "write once, debug many times" solution.


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