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Inst.Ant -- Some Ideas

After writing my previous entry on Inst.ant I have does some more thinking on it and may go forth with a simple and non-aggressive plan. Who knows how far I will get on it with the time available.

  1. Inform.ant - This is the first baby step. It will be a set of Ant tasks that create wizard-type forms and can call other ant targets and embed other ant tasks as part of their execution. The idea is that ant properties would be set and tasks would be called from them. I have some thoughts on this that I will detail later. The name is a play on the word "form" as windows folks like to call GUI frames.
  2. Compon.ant/Propell.ant - The next step would be self-packaging of the install scripts (but not totally self sustaining). Compon.ant would assemble the nesscicary files into jars and handle the accessing of them at run-time when the installer is run. All-in-one packageing would not be addressed in this stage but a single jar presuming a jre would. The Propell.ant part would be the changes and redundant ant tasks that would be needed to handle URL and input-stream based tasks, such as unjar, copy, filter, et. al. (all of those are currently file based only). And yes, I know component is the real spelling, but I got a theme going here
  3. Dist.ant - This would be the final stage. Each built on each other and useful on their own. This stage would address all in one packaging including specifially the embedding of the JRE needed to run the Inst.ant archive. Shell scripts for unix and .EXEs for windows. I know some shell tricks for unix but windows would be more involved.

Of course this may be pipe-dreaming because it is a function of available and budgeted free time.


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