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Inst.Ant Open Source Project

Occasionally I get some ideas for OSS Projects that would be nice to do but I never attempt because I lack the time (If I do more than 50 hrs of coding and such and productivity drops dramatically, plus I don't think my wife would appreciate it).

One that has been with me for about 2 years is one I call 'Inst.ant', basically it is a set of tasks and other tools to allow people to build an installer built almost entierly out of Ant build files. From definition of the GUI splash screens and such all the way down to the actual instiallation code itself. The name is sometimes as importiant as the project itself so that is where the name comes from -- Inst for Install and .ant for the fact it is totally Ant centric.

Of course like all kewl ideas like that I never have enough time to execute them. Another de-motivator for me is that there is already another open source jva installer izPack. It's not a total category killer though, since it is GPL and Inst.ant would probobly be Apache Licence. A perfect opportunity to throw gasoline on the open source licence holy war.


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