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Inform.Ant: Splash Task

After reading the new Appendix E from the Ant 1.5.1 distribution I realized that there is already a task named "splash" in the optional tree. I went and looked at it, but it is not what would be needed for installer type items. I want more!. It is a coole idea, with the progress bar and such but (a) the progress bar incraments one value per build event rather than a 100% progression and (b) it's locked into images only with a pack and center approach only. The progress bar has some implications for the Propell.ant portion.

Here's the sort of stuff I would put into the Inform.ant splash task, which would need to be called something like instSplash:

  • zoom [String] - How the splash page would be shown, one of "fullscreen", "packed", or "fixed".
  • width [int] - Width of the spash panel, for zoom="fixed" only.
  • height [int] - Height of the spash panel, for zoom="fixed" only.
  • decorated [boolean] - Whether or not the spash window should have decorations (frame border, open/close/zoom buttons, etc). A flag for either calling setUndecorated(true) or putting the frame in a JFrame or a JWindow.
  • <image> - Shows an image in the spash window (more detail tomorrow).
  • <htmlPage> - Shows an HTML page in the spash window (more detail tomorrow).
  • <sequence> - As per the existing sequence tag: do the embeded items singularly in order.
  • <parallel> - As per the existing parallel tag: do the embeded items in parallel and join threads at the end.

The child tags could be put in any number and what the instSplash screen will do is show each image or html page as they are reached, and then do the intervening tasks. Much like some old school installers would do when you press the "install" button: showing adverts for other products by the company as the install progressed.


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