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Foosball (and those who dislike it)

Another guilty pleasure I have at work.
Q:What do you do when you are waiting for a 5 minute build to complete?
A:Play a 20 minute game of foosball.

Foosball has quite a legacy at my work. To Celebrate the competing of a milestone early in our 1.0 cycle our CTO got us a Foosball Table (A Tornado) for us to play, when we first started playing almost all of us stunk, quite bad. But after year(s) of practice we are much better.

When we first got the foosball table a new VP of Engineering had just started working for us. He was from Massachutces so he wasn't quite the dot-com type fun loving executive you would expect. (The grey hair kind of gave it away). He hated the amount of time we spent playing foosball so much to the point that after 1.0 shipped and we were starting on 2.0 that one day he pulled in every regular foosballer he could into his office to have a "talk." (I was working at home that day, probably dealing with the clowns form Adelphia). This "talk" was a bit of beating around the bush asking us not to play foosball durring work hours. Play on the foosball table that one of the founders bought for us to play at work. And the irony was that four of the people he got in had, just a few weeks earlier, won the Chariman's Award for the work they had done for 1.0, while playing foosball durring comapny hours. Needless to say that was not a way to inspire morale amoung the masses. Productivuty dropped for a bit too. That was yet another reason we all put on our "reasons we hate (too strong) reasons we dislike (too surgar coated) reasons we wish our VP would move back east" list.

There is some silver lining to this though. When the layoffs came Mr. VP was the first to recieve a Pink Slip. Technically he complied with a request by the board to submit his resignation (they let him keep his dignity). So when we had a problem with one of the adjoining confrence rooms being busy with sales meetings (the table was loud enought to cause problems in that room) some of us decided to move the table. Of all of the places we could choose we moved it into the old VPs office.

The good part is that now we are more productive. With the table so much closer we don't waste as much time going there.


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